Follow-Up Visit Information

Diabetic patients are encouraged to bring their blood sugar records to all office visits. Patients using a meter are asked to bring it with them. We will download your meter on our computer to print out a record of your blood sugars.

Please bring your driver’s license or a government issued photo ID with you to your appointment. This is necessary for you to bring so that we can help reduce the risk of identity theft.
Why do I need to show my photo ID? > Download (PDF)

Patients are always encouraged to bring a record of the medications they take or the medicines themselves. This will help to verify that our record of your medications is correct. If you would like a medication tracking form you can download one from the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety website. If you are a diabetic patient also, please bring your meter and log.

Results from any tests you had at your previous visit will be discussed and treatment plans and or medications may be initiated or changed.

Please note we are unable to accommodate drop in appointments due to our busy schedules. Please call us and we would be happy to schedule a time to see you.